God Bless the Streets.


Streets Entertainment comprises of young professionals who all aspire to make Ocho Rios the party capital of Jamaica. The group was established in 2006 when a group of friends from high school came together and decided that the parties they were all attending were all the same and the scene needed a change and this was the force that lead to the establishment of Streets Entertainment. The first attempt of staging an event was on April 22, 2007 where the first Tantrum was held on the premises of Rose Garden Resort in Mammee Bay, St. Ann. This event received a favorable response from our patrons and this was the start of many things to come. The group has since grown from the promoters of just 1 event to now 5 events since its inception. Streets Entertainment is also known for their love of music as they released their first rhythm in January 2010 dubbed “Stardom”. The limit is the sky and as we push to reach the top, we continue to give God the honor and the glory as he made all this possible.